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Fragrance in


Barn Dance - Light wild rose fragrance

Carefree BeautyTM - Light fragrance

Country Dancer - Moderate clove scent

Countryman - Sweet fragrance

Distant Drums - Intense myrrh fragrance

Enchanted Autumn - Intense sweet fragrance

Golden Unicorn - Moderate fragrance

Hermina - Moderate fragrance

Hi, Neighbor - Moderate fragrance

Honey Sweet - Moderate fragrance

Pipe Dreams - Intense clove/rose fragrance

Prairie Clogger - Moderate fragrance

Prairie Harvest - Sweetly scented

Prairie Princess - Slightly fragrant

Prairie Squire - Light spicy fragrance

Prairie Star - Green apple scented

Prairie Sunrise - Very fragrant

Quietness - Intense old-rose fragrance

Rural Rhythm - Myrrh scent

Serendipity - Moderate fragrance

Summer Wind - Spicy clove-scent

Wanderin' Wind - Old rose scent

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