Show Committee

Position Person Phone # / E-Mail
Rose Show Chairman: Dan Moseley 281-359-2353
First Rose Show Coordinator: Earl Krause 281-487-3347
Second Rose Show Coordinator: Rick Kohler 713-935-0329
Trade Show Coordinator: Donald Burger 713 880 2000
Horticulture Judges Chairman: Eddie Garcia 210-654-1263
Arrangement Judges Chairman: Louis Shupe 937-878-9913
lshupe@desire.wright. edu
Schedule-Horticulture: Patsy Williams 713-944-3437
Schedule-Arrangement: Kathy Noble 512-838-3801
Chairmen of Clerks: Dan & Patti Lawlor 281-343-9422
Rose Show Tally: Thersa Andersen 713-728-1323
Computer Show Results: Elisabeth Khan 281-566-9610
Trophies and Awards: Marcia Pollard 281-820 4287
Trophies and Awards: Jerri Moseley 281-359 2353
Calligraphy: Cathy Hawkins 281-812-4329
Calligraphy: Penny Wellman
Calligraphy: Jerri Moseley 281-359 2353
Calligraphy: Denise Cope 713-771-4841
Classification: Jack Walter 903-829-2968
Arrangement Reservations: Kathy Noble 512-838-3801
Arrangement Coordinator: Robin Hough 281-482-8944
Prep Area Clean-up: Mike Jones
Water Coordinator: Vince Walker 713-665-5073
Phkotography Coordinator: Rick Kohler 713-935-0329
Rose Show Hosts: Doug & Rose Mitchell 281-992-1370
Photography Judge: Jake Mooney 713-468-3834

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