ORGANIC GARDENING  - general trade magazine dedicated to organic techniques, Very Good

                Box 7320, Red Oak, IA  51591-0320

                Subscriptions: (800) 666-2206   Business Office: (215) 967-5171


Acres, USA - monthly newspaper/magazine on organic agriculture - Very Good.  Also they publish many books on alternative agriculture

                P.O. Box 91299   Austin, TX 78709  1-800-355-5313



Judy Barrett's "home grown" - Good Sense Organic Gardening for Texas, Bi-monthly publication, $15.00/year

                P.O. Box 913   Georgetown, TX  78627   (512) 930-5576



MOTHER EARTH NEWS - magazine dedicated to environmentally friendly ways of living, including gardening

                P.O. Box 56302                                      Sussex Publishers, Inc.

                Boulder, Co.  80322-6302                    24 E. 23rd Street

                (703) 352-4346                                New York, NY  10010




"Year Round Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers for Metro Houston," by Bob Randall, PhD., Executive Director Urban Harvest.  A resource guide on how to grow plants in the Houston area organically and where to get the supplies you may need.  Sold at many area gardening supplies stores.

Texas ORGANIC GARDENING Book, by Howard Garrett, Gulf Publishing, ISBN: 0-88415-038-0

RODALE PRESS Books - many good books on organic techniques



The Rodale Book Of COMPOSTING,  Deborah L. Martin and Grace Gershuny, Editors Rodale Press, Emmaus, Pennsylvania,  Copyright 1992, Published 1993. (A non-technical overview of composting)

The BioCycle Guide to THE ART & SCIENCE OF COMPOSTING,  Edited by the Staff of BioCycle Journal of Waste Recycling,  The JG Press. Inc., Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Copyright 1991, Printed Spring 1994. (A semi-technical overview of composting)

COMPOST SCIENCE & UTILIZATION, a quarterly journal, published by the JG Press. Inc., Emmaus, Pennsylvania, (A technical reference on composting)

BIOCYCLE - excellent professional trade magazine dedicated to biological recycling and composting, non-technical   (215) 967-4135, available at most libraries with back issues stored on CD-ROM for easy printing of selected articles

Winning The Organics Game, by Rodney Tyler, American Society For Horticultural Science Press, the focus is on how to use and sell compost.   ISBN: 0-9615027-2

Cornell University - Compost Web Site:



A non-technical overview of soils:

                Start With The Soil,  Grace Gershuny,  Rodale Press, Emmaus, Pennsylvania,  Copyright 1993, ISBN 0-87596-567-9.

                The Dirt Doctor's Guide to Organic Gardening,  J. Howard Garrett,, University of Texas Press, Copyright 1995, 0-292-72780-1.

A semi-technical overview of soils:

                An Acres U.S.A. Primer, by Walters and Fenzau, published by Acres U.S.A., Copyright 1992, ISBN: 0-911311-37-8

A technical introduction to soils and soil properties:

                Introduction To Soil Physics, by Daniel Hillel, published by Academic Press, Inc., Copyright 1982, ISBN: 0-12-348520-7

                Paramagnetism - Rediscovering Nature's Secret Force of Growth, by Philip Callahan, Ph.D., published by Acres U.S.A. Press, Copyright 1995, ISBN: 0-911311-49-1

                ORGANIC Soil Conditioning, William R. Jackson, PhD, Copyright 1993, Jackson Research Center, ISBN 0-9635741-0-8.  This is an excellent reference book.



A non-technical overview of composting:

                The Rodale Book Of COMPOSTING,  Deborah L. Martin and Grace Gershuny, Editors Rodale Press, Emmaus, Pennsylvania,  Copyright 1992, Published 1993.

                The Secret Life of Compost,  Malcolm Beck,  Acres, USA Press, Copyright 1997, Published 1996,  ISBN 0-911311-53-X

                Let It Rot - The Home Gardener's Guide To Composting, Stu Campbell, Gardenway Publishing, ISBN: 0-88266-050-0


A semi-technical overview of composting:

                The BioCycle Guide to THE ART & SCIENCE OF COMPOSTING,  Edited by the Staff of BioCycle Journal of Waste Recycling,  The JG Press. Inc., Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Copyright 1991, Printed Spring 1994.


Technical reference on composting:

                COMPOST SCIENCE & UTILIZATION, a quarterly journal, published by the JG Press. Inc., Emmaus, Pennsylvania,

                THE SCIENCE OF COMPOSTING, Eliot Epstein, PhD, 1997, Technomic Publishing, ISBN 1-56676-478-5

                COMPOST ENGINEERING (The Practical Handbook Of...), Dr. Roger T. Haug, 1993, Lewis Publishers, ISBN 0-87371-373-7

                SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING OF COMPOSTING: Design, Environmental, Microbiological and Utilization Aspects,  Harry Hoitink, PhD,  Ohio State University, 1993.



WEEDS, Control Without Poisons, Charles Walters Jr., ACRES U.S.A., 1991

Weeds, Control Beyond Herbicides, Harold Willis, 1993

Weeds and Why They Grow, Jay L. McCaman, 1994

Weeds and What They Tell, Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer



Texas Bug Book - C. Malcolm Beck & J. Howard Garrett 

                ISBN: 0-292-70869-6

Biological Control Virtual Information Center - North Carolina State University


Insect Management: Biological Control - North Carolina State University


Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America - Cornell University


Natural Enemies of Vegetable Crop Insect Pests - Virginia Tech University


Hort IPM - Texas A&M University


Department of Entomology - Texas A&M University




The Rest Of The Story... about Agriculture Today  by  Dr. Harold Willis, revised 1990

P.O. Box 692   Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin  53965

OUR STOLEN FUTURE, by Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski, and John Peterson Myers

Dutton, March 1996, ISBN 0-525-93982-2   Web site with info:  http:


Is This Your Child's World? How You Can Fix The Schools and Homes That are Making Your Children Sick Doris Rapp, MD, Bantam Books, or Order (716) 875-5578


                Northwest Coalition For Alternatives To Pesticides (NCAP)

                P.O. Box 1393  Eugene, Oregon  97440                (503) 344-5044



                National Coalition Against The Misuse of Pesticides (NCAMP)

                701 E. Street S.E., Suite 200  Washington, D.C. 20003                (202) 543-5450

TECHNICAL REPORT - newsletter published by Beyond Pesticides

                National Coalition Against The Misuse of Pesticides (NCAMP)

                701 E. Street S.E., Suite 200  Washington, D.C. 20003                (202) 543-5450

NEWS ON EARTH -  monthly new flyer, $15/year

                News On Earth Public Concern Foundation

                101 West 23rd. St.,  PMB 2245  New York, NY  10011  (212) 741-2365

B.U.G.S. FLYER - The Voice of Ecological Urban Horticulture

                Biological Urban Gardening Services

                P.O. Box 76  Citrus Heights, CA  95611-0076


Our Toxic Times: A Monthly Publication of The Chemical Injury Network (also Medical & Legal Briefs: A Referenced Compendium of Chemical Injury)

                P.O. Box 301  White Sulphur Springs, Montana  59645-0301  (406) 547-2255 (phone & Fax)

Environmental Working Group

                1718 Connecticut Ave., NW, #600   Washington, D.C.  20009 (202) 667-6982  


Partners Update

                Pesticide Action Network North America

                116 New Montgomery #810  San Francisco, CA  94105  (415) 541-9140  



Chemical Exposure and Human Health: A Reference to 314 Chemicals with A guide to Symptoms and a Directory of Organizations,  Cynthia Wilson,  McFarland & Company, Inc., 1993,  ISBN 0-89950-810-3

American PIE (American Public Information on The Environment)

                - also publishes a free electronic newsletter called "Eco-ALert" on various environmental subjects, contact web site to subscribe

                124 High Street  P.O. Box 340  South Glastonbury, CT 06073-0340

                1-800-320-APIE                http:


Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly

                - a free, electronic newsletter on various subjects.  Well written with extensive documentation and bibliography. Subscribe at http:



WEB SITES (not mentioned elsewhere):

Bio-Democracy News - free electronic newsletter on organic and food safety issues.  Subscribe at http:

Environmental News Network - a free daily electronic newspaper reporting on environmental news from around the world.   Presented in a headline with summary format, click on headline for complete text.                htp:


Henry Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture   http:


The Green Guide - published by Mothers & Others For A Liveable Planet.  A excellent monthly newsletter on organic tips and ways to reduce our exposure to dangerous chemicals and protect our families.

                The Green Guide   40 W. 20th St.,  New York, NY 10011-4211

                (701) 859-3002 http:


TXPEER - free electronic newsletter. Subscribe at: http:

Environmental Working Group (EWG)  http:

Pollutants In Your Food                  http:

Rural Advancement Foundation (RAFI)  http:

Texas Organic Growers Association   http:

Texas Pesticide Information Network (TXPIN) - Texas Consumers Union.  Also a free electronic report on pesticide issues. Contact by e-mail: or

(512) 477-4431 or (512) 444-0811   http:

Organic View - free electronic newsletter from the Organic Consumers Association - Campaign For Food Safety.  Subscribe at: http:

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) - free electronic newsletter. Subscribe on website. http:

Audubon Action - a electronic notice on environmental issues.  Subscribe at: http:

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives To Pesticides (NCAP) - also a free electronic newsletter on various issues   http:


Beyond Pesticides - database of information and a free electronic newsletter occasionally



Pesticide Action Network: Advancing Alternatives to Pesticides   http:


Safe To Use - free electronic newsletter on various issues related to organic foods and environmental issues.


Howard Garrett's Basic Organic Gardening Program  http:

Rodale Research Institute                  http:


Texas Gardener Magazine                  http:


San Jacinto Environmental Sales (wholesale organic supplies for Houston area), excellent organic fertilizer called "Microlife" that contains primary, minor and trace nutrients and 33 strains of beneficial microbes. Sold at several local stores   http:


Organic Gardener Magazine    http:


Urban Harvest (Houston's Community Gardening program), offers classes on organic gardening and related subjects   http:


Worm Digest Magazine   http:


Information on Vermi-composting, supplies, books, etc.  http:

Alternative Health News  http:

Ask Dr. Weil  http:

Soil Food Web,  Elaine Ingham, PhD, excellent free electronic newsletter and website


International Institute for Sustainable Agriculture                 http:


Chemical Information Injury Network   http:


Growing Solutions                  http:


Natural Solutions                  http:


Texans For Alternatives To Pesticides  http:

PAN Pesticide Database   http:

Biological Control News - free electronic new magazine http:



KUNAFIN (insects)

Rt. 1, Box 39  Quemado, TX  78877  1-800-832-1113

ARBICO (beneficial insects, organic supplies, baits, etc.)

Arizona Biological Controls (800)827-BUGS (2847)

P.O. Box 4247CRB  Tucson, Arizona  85738-1247


BioLogic Company  beneficial nematodes

                P.O. Box 177   Willow Hill, PA  17271  (717) 349-2789 

Garden's Alive, insects and organic supplies (812) 537-5108

5100  Schenley Place  Lawrenceburg, IN  47025

Gardener's Supply Catalog  (beginning to carry some organic supplies) (800) 863-1700  128 Intervale Road  Burlington, VT  05401-2804  http:

Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery  insects and organic supplies  (707) 823-9125

3244 Hwy. 116  Sebastopol, CA

Integrated BioControl Systems  beneficial nematodes

                P.O. Box 96  Aurora, IN  47001  (812) 537-8674


M&R Durango   beneficial nematodes

                P.O. Box 886  Bayfield, CO  81122  (800) 526-4075

Natural Insect Control  (insects and organic supplies)

                RR #2 Stevensville, ON  LOS 1SO Canada (905) 382-2904

Nature's Control  insects and some supplies

                P.O. Box 35  Medford, OR  96501 (541) 245-6033

Nitron Industries insects, supplies and pet care products

                P.O. Box 1447  Fayetteville, AR  72702  (800)835-0123

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply (insects and organic supplies)

P.O. Box 2209  Grass Valley, CA  95945  (916) 272-4769  http:

Plant Health Care  mycorrhizal fungi:  a product called "MycorrTree" and "Mycor Flower Saver" from

                440 William Pitt Way  Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Planet Natural  insects and supplies

                1612 Gold Avenue  Bozeman, MT  59715  (800) 289-6656

Rincon-Vitova Insectaries  insects

                P.O. Box 1555  Ventura, CA  93002  (805) 643-5407

The Natural Gardener   organic supplies

                8648 Bee Caves Road  Austin, TX 78735 (512) 288-6113




"The Guide To Organic Fertilizers" by Vicki Mattern, Organic Gardening May/June 1996, p. 55-59

WWW.SEATTLETIMES.COM - A series of investigative reports (copyrighted) by the Seattle Times Newspaper has found that many companies that manufacture synthetic fertilizer add hazardous waste and radioactive waste to their fertilizers.  These extremely dangerous wastes then end up in our food supply or in our yards for our children to play in.  July-August 1997-1999, Seattle Times Newspaper.  Go to website and search on fertilizers for a series of copyrighted articles.



Texas Plant and Soil Lab (specializes in organic production techniques)

Route 7, Box 213Y  Edinburg, TX  78539


Peaceful Valley Farm Supply

P.O. Box 2209  Grass Valley, CA  95945      (916) 272-4769


Timberleaf   5569 State Street  Albany, OH  45710


Tiberleaf Soil Testing Services  26489 Ynez Rd., Suite C-197 Temecula, CA 92591   (909) 677-7510


Wallace Laboratories   365 Coral Circle  El Segundo, CA  90245  (310) 615-0116


Extension Soil, Water, and Forage Testing Laboratory  Texas A&M University- Soil and Crop Sciences

College Station, Texas  77843-2474   (409) 845-4816


Stephen F. Austin Soil Lab.                (409) 468-4500  Terry Bell - manager, or Gene Bickerstaff 


Soil and Plant Laboratory   352 Mathew Street  Santa Clara, CA  95050  (408) 727-5125  (James West)


Soil Control Lab  42 Hanger Way  Watsonville, CA 95076  (408) 724-5422  (Frank Shields)



Twin Oaks Farm (Georgia Brown Nose...a heat tolerant worm) Jim McCarter       

                Rt. #1 Box 78A  Purdon, Tx  76679-9801  (817) 578-1272                      

Rabbit Hill Farm  Jay Mertz  Rt. 3 Box 2936  Corsicana, Tx  75110  (903) 872-4289

Earthworm Institute  City of Grapevine  Larry Wilhelm  (817) 424-0540

Pat's Worm Ranch  (Louisiana Wigglers - soil worm..not for containers) Sonny or Pat Kellum

                P.O. Box 3194   San Antonio, Tx  78211  (210) 922-1592


Brown's Worm Farm   Rosemary Brown   Box 284  Marietta, OK  73448  (405) 276-3897


Flowerfield Enterprises (good source of educational material for children)

                Mary Appelhof ("The Worm Lady")  10332 Shaver Road  Kalamazoo, MI  49002 (616) 327-0108

Jim Knight  Rt. 2 Box 183  Eudora, AR 71640   (510) 294-2603


Southern Worm Enterprize  12118 Marilyn Lane   Hammond, LA  70403 (504) 294-2603


Willingham Worm Farm   Rt. 1 Box 241  Butler, GA  31006  (800) 223-WORM




Gardener's Supply Company  128 Intervale Rd.  Burlington, VT  05401  (800) 955-3370

Garden's Alive  5100 Schenley Pl.  Lawerenceburg, IN  47025  (812) 537-8650

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply  P.O. Box 2209  Grass Valley, CA  95945  (916) 272-4769



San Jacinto Environmental: 2221-A West 34th St. between Ella and T.C. Jester, (713) 957- 0909

complete line of tools, organic fertilizers, soil amendments and much more.  Very nice folks and offer a lot of consulting to their customers.  Organic fertilizer called "Microlife" that contains primary, minor and trace nutrients and 33 strains of beneficial microbes.  http:


RETAIL: (Note - some are just beginning to carry organic supplies)

Buchanan's Native Plants - 611 East 11th St., (713) 861-5702

Condon Gardens Nursery and Patio Shop - 1214 Augusta near the Galleria area (713) 782-3992

Milberger Turf Grass - I-45 near the Woodlands

RCW Nurseries - FM 249 and Beltway 8  (281) 440-5161

Wabash Antiques and Feed - on Washington Ave. near N. Shepard, fun place to visit, plants, animals, feed and much more

Vaughan's Nursery and Gardens - Channelview area, 15647 Avenue C, off I-10 on East side of Houston (281) 452-7369

GardenVille Square - Hwy 90 in Stafford

Nature's Way Resources - 1945 FM 1488, Woodlands-Conroe Area (936) 321-6990

                complete line of high quality organic mulches, compost and soils