Current Officers of The Houston Rose Society

The Houston Rose Society prides itself on the fact that our monthly meetings are about growing roses, and not business meetings. The business of the HRS is conducted at board meetings. This means that you won't hear motions at our monthly meetings, or quotes from Robert's Rules of Order, or reading of the minutes. What you you will get is lots and lots of helpful information about your roses.

The following are the current officers of the HRS. The hard work they do between meetings is the reason we can all have so much fun at our meetings!

Position Person Phone # / E-Mail
President: Manning Correia 281-465-0180
First Vice President (Show): Susan Kelly 713-937-4452
Second Vice President (Program): Baxter Williams 713-944-3437
Third Vice President (Membership): John Gilbert 713-503-6823
Secretary: Carolyn Jones 713-898-0211
Treasurer: Gaye Hammond 281-458-6116
Editor: Maria Trevino 713-869-3693
Parliamentarian: Suzanne Gilbert 281-251-4013
Director: Robin Hough 281-482-8944
Director: Donald Burger (work)713-880-2000
Past President: Mary Fulgham 713-668-4054

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