The monthly meeting of the Houston Rose Society this month is on Thursday, May 14, 2015. The meeting begins at 7:30 pm at our meeting place at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 1819 Heights Blvd. Admission is free. The public is welcome.

May 14, 2015
    The American Rose Society in China

Our speaker for this month is Dr. Sam Jones, TENARKY District Director. Sam and his wife, Nancy, toured rose and botanical gardens across China in 2013. The 12-member delegation, which included American hybridizers, garden directors, industry leaders and ARS officials, consulted with scientific and horticultural researchers and garden directors in five major Chinese cities. He will show us marvelous pictures of roses grown in China. Resulting from these ground-breaking contacts, the American hybridizers stand to benefit from improved access to previously unavailable native Chinese species tea roses. Also, the American rose industry has the potential opportunity of supplying modern hybridizations for an expanding Chinese commercial rose market.

The American Rose Society, in recognition of its history and contributions to the culture of roses world-wide, will play a major role in the planning and construction of a museum and park for roses of the world near Beijing. The site will be the location of a Regional Convention of the World Federation of Rose Societies to be held in 2016.

Sam and Nancy were the Co-Editors of the 2009 ARS American Rose Annual. His articles about growing and enjoying roses are published in the American Rose magazine, ARS and You Newsletter, and in district and local Rose Society bulletins. He has been an editor of the Nashville Rose Society’s Rose Leaf, which received the ARS Gold and Silver bulletin awards during his fouryear tenure.

Sam will also tell us of his aspirations for becoming Vice President of the American Rose Society and of his visions for its growth.

Consulting Rosarian

Susan Kelly is the consulting rosarian this month. Bring her your rose gardening questions.

Grand Prix continues this month.
Bring your blooms.

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