The monthly meeting of the Houston Rose Society this month is on Thursday, August 13, 2015. The meeting begins at 7:30 pm at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 1819 Heights Blvd. Admission is free. The public is welcome.

August 13, 2015
    They Won’t Water Themselves

The three most important additives for roses are water, water, and water.

If you haven’t noticed, IT IS SUMMER! And the rains have come, and gone, and the plants need water. It’s as simple as that. Friends, put the water on the bushes any way that you can – on the flower bed mulch with a garden hose, or with an impulse sprinkler, or with a “whirly-gig” spinning rig, or an overhead oscillating sprinkler, or all of the above – again, any way that you can. Do it early in the morning, or at noon, or in the heat of the afternoon, or evenings, or at night. Or go sophisticated and install an irrigation system.

To give you a reference point, a fully-foliaged Hybrid Tea rose needs approximately 5-gallons of water each week in July-September. A top notch rose grower in Pasadena “plants” an empty cat food can at ground level in the rose bed, and when it is full that is just the right amount.

Have you been told watering at night will cause a fungus? Wrong. Failure to use a preventive fungicide allows fungus disease to attack. Were you told that droplets of water on the leaflets will “burn” the plant? That’s rubbish.

Baxter Williams is an American Rose Society Master Rosarian, an American Rose Society member since 1970 and a Houston Rose Society member since 1972. He is currently ARS Region 7 (TX, OK, AR, LA, MS) Director, current HRS Programs VP and past-president. Baxter and Patsy Williams’ personal garden has approximately 500 rose bushes of all kinds.

We will take a look at many different ways to get water into your roses on Thursday evening. Don’t miss this chance to moisten your knowledge of watering systems.

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